3 Key Tips for Selling Your Home Faster In Houston

Working with a real estate agent is listed in almost every online resource about tips for selling your home faster, and this is largely still good advice.

Experienced real estate agents know how to price your home correctly, by comparing your home’s value against other houses in the market.

They also have more experience negotiating the best deals and executing marketing strategies or techniques. They have the skills to help you save time when selling your home – at least, in the traditional sense.

We’re here to present you with even faster ways to sell your Houston house. If you don’t want to trouble yourself with hiring a reliable real estate agent, try these alternative tips for selling your home faster:

1. Sell Your House During a Certain Period

If you’re facing a strict time frame for selling your Houston home, try selling your house during a certain time of year.

The best time to sell your house in Houston, Texas is probably during wintertime, particularly in December. Since it usually takes three months to close on a home, you might have better chances of selling your house by December if you first list it in September.

If you want to sell your home fast, housing transaction data suggests August as the best time to close on your Houston home sale. So, you could sell much sooner than in another month if you list your Houston house in May.

If you decide to go with selling in December, then you might benefit from the fact that it’s the holiday season. During fall and winter, you also have better chances of selling your house because buyers are more serious and there is lesser housing inventory toward the end of the year.

This is because:

  • Buyers tend to be more serious when making major purchase decisions around this time because of the motivation to close before the holidays arrive. The fact that there are more serious buyers and low inventory means that you have much better chances of closing faster than at another time of year.
  • Maintenance costs around December are also lower. Usually, many professionals offer their maintenance services at significantly reduced prices. You can use this to your advantage by decluttering or getting necessary repairs done before a showing. 

Presenting your house in an unappealing condition makes it harder to sell. 

It’s important to note that although maintenance makes your house more appealing to buyers, the hassle of spending money on the property you’re selling remains. You can also have your home cleaned up and repaired, and still can’t guarantee to close within your timeframe.

Thankfully, there are other ways to sell your house fast without worrying about extra added costs.

2. Put Your House up for Auction

Even experienced real estate investors buy properties through live or online auctions.

During auctions, interested buyers gather in one place for a day. Usually, house auction showings take place on the steps of a county courthouse, while some live home auctions take place in front of the actual property up for sale. 

Potential buyers cannot inspect the inside of a property for sale. So, if you plan to put up your house for auction, you just need to tidy up your house’s exterior and enhance curb appeal.

Given this time frame, selling your house through an auction makes it much more efficient than hiring a real estate agent. If you contact a real estate agent to get your house listed the traditional way, you’ll have to wait for the best offer to come around.

If you must, you can contact a real estate agent to help you get your property listed for an auction. They can even put up your home on online auction resources to get a wider range of potential buyers.

Compared to a live auction, online auctions can last longer but are still faster than the traditional process of listing and closing a deal for a home. Buyers can go through online resources and find that your house is available for online bidding.

If you post enticing pictures of your property, you’ll boost your chances of securing a serious buyer. Online listings must be as detailed as can be, with all the particulars explicitly stated so you can build trust with potential buyers.

If you think like a buyer, you’d research a property for any hidden fees or damage in the property right? So be sure you can get these fixed before you disclose anything else.

This is a similar issue to selling your home during a certain period. You spend money on getting your house fixed and cleaned up without the guarantee of an actual purchase.

Your next best option is to sell your home as-is, in whatever condition it’s in.

3. Contact Cash Home Buyers — The Fastest Way to Sell Your Houston, TX Home

The holidays may be the best time of year to sell your house in Houston, TX, but these times still have their pros and cons in the real estate market.

You must remember that selling during the holidays still requires a few months to close the property. It could take up to three months for a final home sale, considering the time from listing to closing.

Meanwhile, auctioning off a property can be a faster way to sell your Houston house than getting a real estate agent to list it. Still, you can’t guarantee interested buyers, which again, could take you months to gather prospects.

The next best solution is to contact cash home buyer services like Cash Home Offer USA. We can get your property off your hands in just a week, with a great cash offer to match.

Forget about the condition your house is in. Regardless of repairs or damages, Cash Home Offer USA accepts houses in any condition and adjusts offers accordingly.

Simply give us a call on 888-724-9603 so we can craft an offer together. You won’t have to wait for months before you sell your house!

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